Volkssporting is a non-competitive walk, bike, swim, ski or even snowshoe through a scenic and/or historic area over a pre-marked route.  Participants complete the event at their own pace within the time limits of the event.


Participation: Anyone may participate; there are no age restrictions.  It is an excellent activity for the entire family.  Children under 12 must be with an adult.  Many volkssporters participate in the event and distance recording programs, where a special book is stamped to indicate the number of events completed or distance traveled.  Try one of our walks today!  We have single-day events, seasonal events, and some events that are available the entire year.


IVV Credit: All events count toward IVV Achievement Awards.  Each participant desiring credit must present an IVV Record Book and completed Start Card for credit.  Official IVV Record Books for events and distance are available at events for $5 each.


Stipulations: By registering for these events, participants accept the guidelines for American Volkssport Association (AVA) events and agree to observe the principles of good sportsmanship.  Littering is not permitted.  Dogs are allowed at some events, but must be kept leashed and must be cleaned up after.  The events will take place regardless of weather conditions.


Disclaimer: Sponsors of these events are not liable for lost or stolen items, accidents, injuries and/or material damage incurred by participants.  Every effort will be made to make these safe, enjoyable and memorable events.


Registration Information: Register at the event Start/Finish point.  Each person must obtain a start card, which remains the property of the sponsor and must be returned to the start/finish point even if the walk is not completed.  See Point of Contact (POC) listed under each event for further information.


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