(Please note that the route may have changed since this article was written. Refer to the Seasonal Events listing for the current route description.)


5k & 10k. This walk passes through a residential area and onto the hard-packed trail that follows the lovely Nine-Mile Creek down into, and along, the Minnesota River valley.If you’re doing the 5k, you’ll be turning off part-way along the creek and heading back through residential areas.The 10k route continues down into the floodplain as you approach the Minnesota River.This can be a beautiful spot for enjoying the waterlilies and watching for herons or bald eagles.Just remember, this area can be impassable in the spring if there’ve been heavy rains.(If you get there and find it too flooded to cross, you will need to go back on the 5k route.)You also need to cross a fairly small ditch at that point - boards are available for crossing, but it’s unsuitable for wheelchairs and probably very difficult for strollers.

On this walk, you’ll pass over several small bridges and under a few big ones. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking down into the river valley, so you’ll eventually need to walk back up.



Created July 23, 2009.