(Please note that the route may have changed since this article was written. Refer to the Seasonal Events listing for the current route description.)


This 11k walk covers a lot of the cultural and historic sights of downtown Minneapolis.  You'll walk past Orchestra Hall, Weisman Art Museum, the Guthrie Theater and Mill City Museum.  You'll also see various sculptures, such as the Mary Tyler Moore sculpture on Nicollet Avenue and the somewhat bizarre sculpture park in front of the federal courthouse.  You'll cross over the old Stone Arch Bridge (with views of St. Anthony Falls), under the new 35W bridge, and see some of the remains of the old 35W bridge that are still sitting on the Bohemian Flats.

Of course, you'll also be walking through the campus of the University of Minnesota.  Have you ever stopped at the little X-shaped garden east of Northrup and above the Church St. Garage?  Try standing at the center of the semi-circle on the east side and say something.  This mini-ampitheater is an interesting detour.


Created August 5, 2009