"Looney Perks"

TCV Volkssport Incentive Program


"Looney Perks" ...rewarding walkers who complete the TCV seasonal & year-round events!


Participants receive awards based on the number of Twin Cities Volkssports Year-round or Seasonal events that they complete in 2017 (no repeats).

Award levels:

5-9 events (1 free 2018 YRE/Seasonal)

10-14 events (1 free IVV Event book)

15-19 events (1 free IVV Event book, plus 1 free 2018 YRE/Seasonal)

20+ events   (1 free IVV Event book, plus 2 free 2018 YRE/Seasonals)

Note: The free YRE/Seasonal will be in the form of a coupon that you can redeem when completing any 2018 TCV YRE/Seasonal that you choose.


To participate, pick up a 2017 "Looney Perks" card at one of our events (or in the TCV event booklet).  Fill in your name and address.  As you complete each year-round or seasonal event, stamp the card at the start/finish in the appropriate space.  When you've finished all that you want, mail the "Looney Perks" card to: Ken Legaard/Looney Perks (see "Looney Perks" booklet for the address) no later than January 7, 2018 and you will receive your award, based on the number of events completed.  Limit one (1) award per person at the highest level completed.

***This program is solely under the operation of Twin Cities Volkssports.***