Q: How long have you been volkssmarching?
I took my first kindersteps in April 2007, at the St Croix Girl Scout Council Walk in St Paul.

Q: How long have you been a TCV member?
Since the September 2007 Northfield walk, when Gene Schutte made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Q: How active are you in the club?
I've been the POC for a few seasonal or year-round events, some of which I designed (Lake Harriet walk and Chain of Lakes bike).  In 2010 I'll be the POC for a couple of regular events too.  I became Vice President of the club in 2009.  I also enjoy filling up those Looney Perk program cards!

Q: Is there anything that you particularly enjoy about volkssmarching/volkssports?
I've learned something new to appreciate on every event I've done.  It's like getting a guided tour from someone who knows the best features of the area to point out.  Even walking through places I thought I was familiar with has allowed me to discover new and interesting things.  Volkssporting is a highly addictive activity!

Q: Have you done volkssmarches in other states or countries?
So far I've walked in just the upper midwest, the pacific northwest, and Texas.  I'd love to explore other places.  

Q: Do you have any favorite walks or some that stand out as being particularly memorable for any reason?
Every one of them is special.  The Washington State Capitol walk in Olympia surprised me with the stunning beauty of the Olympic Mountains framing the harbor near the end of the walk.  And I'm really glad I went to the 2009 AVA convention in Dallas, both for the quality of the walks and for the chance to meet volkssporters from around the country.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to tell your fellow walkers about yourself?
This retiree wishes he'd discovered volkssporting 20 years ago, but is looking forward to enjoying his lifetime AVA membership for at least 20 years more!